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How Google Algorithms Affect Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Solutions Discussed!

Undoubtedly, knowing how search engines work and having an understanding of Google algorithms can help you to promote your business effectively online. The largest search engine by far is Google. Yahoo has fallen way behind because it is not a true search engine, and the others such as Google's own Bing and Ask, lag way behind in terms of users and search technology.

Areas affected by Changes in Algorithms

One important factor to keep in mind with respect to how search engines work is that it is not your keywords that are important, but the pursuing term used by the person using the search engine to find information. That is the true 'keyword' and those you use on your web pages are guesses to what people will use to find your page.

Here is the list of top Google Algorithm changes in recent years:


Google has erased language boundaries with its new update which will now translate content in different languages into English, and vice-versa. It will translate the web page and display the content in search results. For instance, if the page is in French and you are an English reader, Google will display the English title below the French one in the search results.


Benefiting users, Google announced an Algorithm change which will now display a detailed result about the topic in question. For instance, users searching for mobile apps will now get a rich description in the search results that will include customer reviews, ratings, and cost of product. Webmasters can now earn higher rankings through descriptive snippets in the search results.


Google urged webmasters to use content-rich snippets on the search result page. Also, it advocated webmasters to use more content on Web Pages, and less on header and menu. No keyword stuffing is allowed on header or menu for higher ranking. After this update, webmasters began focusing on putting more content on pages.


Google revealed an algorithm change, which attacked the webmaster's low-quality link building tactics. Webmasters should understand that duplicate links or spam links will not lead to better ranking. Webmasters should concentrate on link earning, not link building.


It also brought a change in image search patterns. Google previously had a signal in image search, which displayed the references from documents and websites. Google sacked this signal to improve image search function.


Google changed its website ranking techniques by targeting duplicate or low-quality sites to protect the interest of quality Web Pages. This change has a widespread impact. Therefore, it is important for websites to update their content regularly to attract readers and earn traffic and higher ranking.

Companies that have worked with SEO specialists who use a holistic approach haven't been hit nearly as hard. Search engine marketing strategists with real expertise in SEO and internet marketing have predicted this issue and have been diversifying their client’s strategies so that article marketing wasn't the only source of backlinks.


SEO Website Marketing Planning

There are many aspects of a web page that Google takes into account in determining your search engine results (SERPs) page ranking. Only the Google "need to know" personnel knows what these are, but we can guess. Some relate to the number of quality backlinks to your web page. Others are related to your on-page SEO, such as using your keywords in the graphics 'Alt' attributes and the correct use of Heading tags.

The algorithmic robot that searches your website is known as the Googlebot, also known as a crawler or spider; this algorithm detects new pages on your website. It is important that you design your website to be easily accessed by the Google spider. Why Google? In case you have forgotten the first paragraph, it is because that is the largest and most influential search engine by far.

If you understand how search engines work, and design your website to be easily scanned or crawled, and make sure that you select your keywords based upon what people have historically used to find your kind of information, then you should pass Google's indexing criteria. Once indexed, your listing position will be determined by the relevance of the content of your web pages to the search terms used by those using Google to find information. Moreover, you also have the option of hiring the tech experts that are quite professional with the way things works online. These professionals have up-to-date knowledge of the changes regarding algorithms and can easily help you enhance your business rankings.

Conclusively, these algorithms need to be understood very carefully for better results on search engines. You must deeply study the changes or hire the experts that have years of experience in the Search Engine Optimization world.

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