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10 Reasons why Managed IT Pays off !

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This bad economy has caused many companies cut back on departments, employees, budgets... on nearly every level. And many companies have had to even removed their IT departments in favor of outsourcing. And this makes perfect sense. You have a company willing to manage your IT on a daily basis and on-call when needed. You're not paying staff to sit around and wait for problems, nor are you having to pay benefits or deal with the issues that come with having computer engineers on hand.

Below we will give you the 10 reasons why we think this is a great approach and cost effective decision.

1: True cost: Having an IT department can be very costly and one employee may not know all aspects of IT. He/she may be a windows specialist, but unfortunately you have a web server running on Linux, now what? So now you have to hire a contract tech for a single task and trust them to do this job right. Regardless this is an unexpected.

Well with Managed IT you should be able to pay a single monthly payment, which should include monitoring and maintenance. This should prevent unnecessary emergency issues as proper monitoring and maintenance usually prevents such emergencies.

2: Time factor: Some companies are concerned that if they have an issue it will take time for a technician to get to their office. Well as mentioned monitoring and maintenance should reduce the possibilities of such an incident. But in the event that such an incident occur, with the many means of performing remote access to your network drive time should be no issue. Our technicians will be at your disposal immediately.

3: Familiarity with network and systems: IT companies primary business is IT, which will most likely mean they have senior engineers or technicians. They will have a tech/engineer available for different aspects of your IT equipment.

4: Employee relationships: Although some may not see this as an issue, we do. IT Companies should try to develop a relationship with both management and staff. They should know how to interact well with management and staff in order for them to confidently ask questions and get sincere and precise answers to provide smooth resolution to complex tasks.

5: Liability: We know that the economy has hit hard and some companies feel that it is necessary to eliminate IT all together and just contract a technician or IT company as needed. Well that can be a major Liability. Not having a IT service contract really provides there is any guarantee that these parties are available when you need them and hire any technician really isn't an option to many hands on your equipment can truly be a really bad move.

6. Loss of work: This is the main reason why not having a managed IT contract in place is a NO NO ! Avoiding the daily monitoring and maintenance of your business IT equipment increases the chances if network failure. Causing many outages and disrupting your work flow. That loss of productivity can be costly. The response time and calendar issues you will face with hiring a contractor each time these outages occur will continually cause a loss of work.

7. Priority: Saving is always good. Having your own IT department sounds great! priority response time, security of performance and even some one to call for simple little task. Well this may be great if you are a big company, but for most small or midsize businesses this is truly not feasible. And having a contractor to call on we have already established. A company providing proper Managed IT can provide the priority you deserve. When outages occur they should be able to provide quick response remote support techs and escalate to onsite if needed.

8. Morale: This can be devastating when a employees continuously have workstation outages or server outages. Disrupting their work or interruptions with contractors asking question due to their lack of knowledge of your IT infrastructure can KILL morale. They know that when system issues occur they will be stressful to resolve.

9. Continuity: When working with an IT contractor or non-contracted company it has a great deal of disadvantages to the continuity of your company IT procedures. Not having someone interacting with your organization periodically makes it difficult to implement procedures. With a Managed IT contract your company can set procedures as to how you may want to handle procedures and maintain in-house standards.

10. Control: If you are one of those owners, shareholders, or managers who prefers to keep control over the daily workings of your company, it doesn't make sense to outsource such a critical aspect of a smooth-running system to someone or an organization you only see when something goes wrong. Working with an managed IT contracted company allows your company more control as to managing your procedures.

Final Verdict / decision

The outsourcing issue will be argued back and forth until IT is no longer relevant. But, this article discusses the 3 options for how companies can manage their IT needs. Outsourcing with service contracts, without service contract and having an IT department in house. Also keeping in mind the company's bottom line. And what is truly best for them.

I have seen and have been on all sides of its effects from nearly every side and must say depending on the complexity of your companies IT requirements it can be costly to hire a full IT department. That is way I say that this method is truly beneficial for organizations which have needs that exceed the cost of this department. Which usually means it is a large organization with substantial financial resources and can be highly affected with major IT outages. This is not to say that managed IT cannot provide the same for less money, but that is truly where management will consider RISK VS REWARD. But, not having a Managed IT service contract and having a on-call upon break or what I call a "break fix support plan" is by far the worst possible method any company with the desire for growth to use. It will rarely work out that your systems will work flawlessly and provide great work flow without proper monitoring or maintenance of your company's IT equipment. In fact, quite the opposite usually occurs. Systems go down work flow is interrupted and quite often you have many dissatisfaction with your on-call support due to lack or prioritization of your companies issues and quite often running from Tech to Tech thinking that is the problem when in fact it's the actual method that truly doesn't work. But a lot of issues get overlooked when the idea of saving some money comes to mind. Choose wisely where your IT dollars are concerned. The outcome could truly make or break your company.

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