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    • We're pleased to introduce our new Referral Program. Signup today and become a Referrer!. We're offering great rewards for each small business you refer to us, to purchase one of our many business technology services.

      How does it work ?

      • Signup and become part of our referral program team as a referrer
      • Access our referral program portal to refer potential customers
      • Enter the requested referral clients information
      • Your referral will recieve our welcome email and our representative will work with your referral
      • Your referral accepts our offer, purchases any of our services with a monthly plan and makes one monthly payment.
      • You will receive a reward for your referral.

      For more details regarding our program, go to FAQ

      To submit a referral you must be a Referral Partner

      Referee must activate on a monthly subscription plan within 90 days of referral receipt. Referring partner must provide valid referee customers' valid information otherwise compensation will be forfeited. Referral partner must communicate with referee prior to communication with one of Onux representative otherwise compensation will be forfeited. Multiple incidents of invalid communication and invalid referee information may risk termination out of Referral Program for Referral Partner. For additional program terms, conditions and other restrictions, see complete Terms & Conditions. Onux Technology reserves the right to terminate and/or modify this offer at any time without prior notice. ©2015 Onux Technologies. All rights reserved. Onux, Onux Technologies and the Logo are trademarks of Onux Technologies.
    • When it comes to Computer network implementation, Managing your business computer network or providing business IP PBX telephone Services you have a lot of companies to choose from for these services, but there are many reasons why Onux Technologies is your best option. Here are a few reasons why we are your best option:

      • Our Experience

        Some of our techs have over 15 years of IT experience.  We have techs who specialize in specific areas of IT, such as; IP PBX Services, VOIP, Windows Client and Server etc. making them experts within that area of IT.  Creating a team of experts within their area of expertise guarantees better execution of your business needs or  IT project(s).  When it comes to business IT services there are many areas that need to be handled properly and may require high level of expertise. Security, Network motoring, Database management and many more. So we got you covered.
      • Listening to clients needs

        Every client has special business IT needs and what better than to have a Technical sales staff that can record a clients IT needs and translate to our IT experts to figure out the most efficient and cost effective way to execute our clients demands.
      • Relationships is everything

        Throughout the years, we have developed long-term relationships with many of our clients. Till this day many of our very first clients are still with us. We are humbled and honored by our clients loyalty, but we work hard to create that kind of trust with each of our clients. We want  to assist our clients with all there IT needs and be a partner in the long-term growth and success of your business.
    • Quality service and affordable pricing

      Providing a high level of service and quality at a competitive price can be a challenge, but at Onux Technologies we make it a breeze.  We provide our clients with the attention they deserve, from the initial setup through the moment of a possible outage. Quality service and support is what we pride ourselves from.



        Onux technologies knowledgeable technical staff can setup, manage and support business networks of all sizes. Providing proactive support for continued work flow or repairing major server outages.
      • Advanced Business telephone services

        Onux technologies provides basic telephone services such as; POTS lines or analog fax services, advanced business telephone services in the cloud with advanced features that will make communicating within local offices and remote office a simple task.
      • Website design & Marketing

        At Onux technologies we can create simple websites to get your company an internet presence or advanced websites with more complex coding or ecommerce sites with 1000's of products. Internet marketing to create traffic and sales or social media marketing to create brand awareness or to interact with your clients.
      • Digital Surveillance

        At Onux technologies we believe that every company should create a safe environment for their staff and clients. We can create a solution to achieve this or a more advanced solution to prevent shrinkage from shoppers or your existing staff.
        • When it comes to business, relationship is everything. So, work with people you trust.

          • Work with a referral partner who is interested in offering referees the most for their money.
          • Refer them to quality services, excellent customer service and affordable Prices.
          • Referees will work with a vendor who has a proven record of taking interest in their clients requirements and creating solutions to help their businesses grow.
          • Technology products and services designed to help small businesses thrive within their industry.
          • One point of contact for all their technology needs.
          • Business referee can also participate in Referral Program and allow others the benefits of the program and services.
        • It's good to make money on a simple referral, but making money and creating business solutions for those you refer to Onux Technologies is a WIN WIN !

          • Make extra money just by referring potential customers to Onux Technologies products and services.
          • Rest assured that your referrals will be happy with choosing Onux Technologies for their business technology needs.
          • No limitations on what you can earn. Unlimited referrals allowed.
          • No selling required! Just introduce your referral to our services, sign them up and a Sales Representative will be assigned to assist your referral.
          • What is the referral Program?

            The Referral Program is a program that rewards Referral Partners for referring their friends or family who own a small business to signup to one of our many business technology services.

          • How can I participate in the Referral Program ?

            To participate in the Referral Program you must 1st signup using our on line form (Do not leave any fields blank) and wait for the approval or disapproval response. Existing Onux clients are automatically approved.

          • What do Referral Partners get for referring friends and family owned businesses to Onux Tech ?

            Referral Partners will receive moneytary compenstation in the amount illustrated on the Referral Program Terms and condition, under rewards. (Rewards differ depending on services offered.

          • What are the requirements to be a Referral Partner?

            The Referral Program requires the submission of the online form and will also require at least one referral to start.

          • Are there any limits to how many referrals I can give ?

            The Referral Program has no limitations to the amount of customers you can refer.
            Visit terms and conditions for additional details.

          • How long does it take to receive rewards for referrals ?

            All rewards are sent via ACH,Paypal within 60 days after client service have been fully installed/completed.

          • Can referrals expire ?

            Referrals will expire if referral does not purchase any services within a period of 90 days after there submission.

          • The Referral E-Form is not working, how can I submit a referral ?

            In the rare event that our E-Form is not working, you can submit your referral via email to and submit with the required information as on form. (If E-form is active referral will be rejected.)

          • If I refer someone and they are already an Onux client ?

            If they are already Onux client rewards will not be offered for services they have already purchased. Although, if they are purchasing additional services not related to their existing services, than a reward will be offered.

          • What if my question is not available on this site ?

            If your question is not available on this website you may send an email to and a sales manager will respond to your request.

          • What is the Proactive management support plan ?

            The Proactive support plan is a network management service were we automate a monitoring service for small business computer networks and devices to diagnose problems before they occur or grow. We also prevent network attacks, prepare for emergency recovery in case of a disaster and also provide unlimited support for any unforeseen issues.

          • Do all technical support plans require a monthly payment ?

            The best choice for small business is the Proactive plan, but we also offer BOH – Block of Hours, individual hours or fixed price per tasks.

          • Are individual Proactive services offered to customers ?

            Service which make up the entire Proactive plan are; Monitoring, Virus software service, network security, off-site backup and Unlimited technical support. Currently the Monitoring and off-site backup can be purchased individually.

          • What is The Cloud PBX Service ?

            The Cloud PBX service is a Business telephone service with enterprise features, such as ; Call transfer, Voicemail-to-email, Auto-attendant, music on hold, conference calling, time condition and many more features

          • What is Digital Phone Service?

            Digital phone service provides POTS lines (Plain Old Telephone, Service) using an internet connection. It is reliable, cost effective and a quick installation process.

          • What is SIP Trunking ?

            If your business currently a VOIP PBX / SIP Server you may require SIP Trunks, which are telephone lines that work via an internet connection. SIP trunks are efficient because of cost and the easy installation process.

          • How does your Website Development service work ?

            In today's competitive business environment all business require a website. Whether it is a basic website describing the business and services they provide, or an ecommerce site providing the ability to sell their products or service. Regardless at Onux we can help.

          • How does Internet Marketing work ?

            So now that you have a website what's next? Well, you need to have visitors viewing your website. At Onux we can provide services such as ; Search Engine Optimization, SEM, Pay Per-click and Social media advertising to drive traffic to your website.

          • How can Onux Technologies help with a businesses surveillance ?

            Keeping an I on your bottom line! You can't be in all your business sites or offices at the same time, but with our Digital Surveillance solutions we can install a configuration that suits your business requirements and at an affordable price.


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