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Networking Concepts

ONUX TECHNOLOGIES is an information technology services company that enables hardware and software technologies solutions for its clients to gain the highest strategic, financial, operational, and organizational benefits. It's ONUX TECHNOLOGIES's goal to enable companies to be more responsive, productive, and resilient through business technologies.

Evaluate Network Configuration

Every business owner or manager wants a stable and reliable network. They know the importance of the network resources. One workstation down can cause a great deal of inconvenience to some organizations, but the outage of a server or internet connection can cause a dramatic loss of revenues. With our FREE Network Evaluation you can we can view the status of your network connections, hardware and also verify that you are getting the most of your business technology equipment. So proceed and sign up for our FREE NETWORK EVALUATION and we will setup a convenient appointment with one of our experience technicians.

Add Remote Network and Hardware monitoring

At Onux Technologies we utilize different technologies to secure your network and allow for a pro-active approach so the situations are less likely to occur. Onux Technologies delivers independent awareness and unprecedented insight into what’s happening on your network, from routers and switches to host systems and endpoint devices–both inside and outside the network. We provide reports so you may see the results we aim to achieve. We can provide FREE installation of our state of the art Computer Network Monitoring software. This software will assist us in monitoring your Network connections as well as hardware devices within the network. FREE Monitoring software installation requires the subscription to one of our Technical support monthly plans which start as low as $99.99 per month, providing daily monitoring and monthly maintenance.

NOTE: We highly recommend our monthly maintenance program to ensure the safety of network data and high network up time.