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Hosted PBX Service

Traditional telephone service VS. a telephone system in the cloud


  • More Features
  • No PBX system hardware required
  • Substantial savings
  • Connect multiple offices from one system
  • Monthly usage reports

Plain old telephone services (POTS)

Let POTS be a thing of the past! High cost telephone lines with only basic phone features. Having to purchase additional equipment in order to obtain additional business telephone features to provide your customers the quality customer service they deserve. Well, lets just put this behind you and move over to a Hosted PBX Service.

A phone system in The Cloud

THE CLOUD PBX by Onux technologies will allow your small business the image of an enterprise business. With phone features that literally make providing customer service a SINCH! Setup is easy with you have existing service or starting a new business. Watch are video and learn more about THE CLOUD PBX..


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