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Proactive support is the best way for small & medium size businesses to go when it comes to IT support.Allowing for your IT resources to be available for your staff over 99.99% of the time.

Proactive IT Services Long Island

Traditional Technical Support?

Most small businesses use what we call the "Break Fix Method". When it breaks than you call your technicians to fix it.Unfortunately, this is no way to support your IT infrastructure.This usually causes a great deal of inconvenience to your company work flow and on many occasions an inconvenience to your clients.This may seem sensible because of the false sense of budgeting, but this leaves you with a great deal of worrying about when will your companies network fail and once again bring a staff member or the entire staff work flow to a hault.

What is Proactive Support ?

Proactive support is like having an IT department available for your company. Maintaining reliability of 99.99% up time in order to keep a consistent, smooth work flow. With Proactive Support by Onux Technologies our goal is not to repair your network or devices, but rather prevent the need of repairs by monitoring network and device activity to insure that the network data traffic is traveling smoothly through it. What's best is that this is all done for a small monthly fee.This allows you to predict your IT expenses and not be surprised by unpredicted expenses due to unforeseen repairs, therefore also solving the problem of worrying of network failure and leaving you WORRY FREE of your IT!

Creating a Proactive environment ?

To create a proactive environment there are many services required and many things to consider to achieve this. Services like real-time monitoring to view network data traffic and the health of devices, off-site security to prevent attacks from internet hackers, on-site security to prevent harmful attacks from staff or even clients, on-site backups to protect individual files and possible system failure, off-site backups to save your company data in the event of a major disaster, anti-virus protection to prevent viruses, malware, ransom ware and spyware, Internet filter to prevent browsing from hazardous websites. View more details about our Proactive Support tools.

Although proactive support is to prevent network issues on occasions we may experience small issues, but with Proactive Support Service you also receive our excellent, knowledgeable and professional technical support services. Our technicians will assist your remotely for quick response or onsite for situations where remote is not possible.

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Proactive Support vs Reactive Support(Break fix)..

Many small businesses still use the reactive support IT method for many reasons, but we have found that most do it to avoid paying a monthly fee and/or they assume that a plan like PAS will be very expensive, because its like having an IT department.

Below is comparison of the Proactive and Reactive plans and it will be easy to see the benefits of going Proactive (PAS).

Reactive(Break fix)
Proactive Service
1. User(s) notice small irregularity with system,but system is still operational.
1. Device monitoring and/or period device scan notifies Proactive techs of a problem or a possible problem.
2. System begins to experience more difficulty to operate and occasional errors on applications and even slows operation of system.
2. Technicians arrange a date for repair to avoid work interruption.
3. User(s) contact support technician(s).
3. Problem solved in minutes.
4. 48 hours later support responds to client and resolves issue(s).
5. Technician states resolution of multiple issues which were a result of 1 small issue which lead to many other issues.

Proactive Support Service For a Fixed Monthly Price

With Proactive Support by Onux Technologies you won't have to predict your monthly IT costs. No more surprised network failures and having to set your budget off course. Proactive support provides your company with a small fixed monthly fee for your technical support services. Plans start at $99.99 per month for the servicing of 1 server and 2 workstations. What's best about Proactive Support Service is that we take many measures in preventing failure of network connection and device failures.

Proactive IT Support Long Island

Proactive Support Service Features

The following are features that are provided to our Proactive Support clients.

Plan features
Real-time Network and Device monitoring system: 24x7 monitoring of network traffic,performance and connectivity. Device monitoring for verifying performance and O/S performance.
Corporate Anti-virus : Guard against the latest threats - block viruses, malware, ransom ware, spyware, unwanted programs and more. Centralized updates of virus definitions.
Internet Protection System : Protection from malware, botnets, phishing and target online attacks. Also provides internet browsing content filtering.
On-Site Backups : Providing automatic backups of individual files from servers or workstations. Create O/S imaging for quick backup restoration in cases of major recovery requirement.
Disaster Recovery System : Providing automatic off-site backups. Secured off-site backups with high security to keep company data secure. HIPPA compliant for the medical industry.
Online Technical Support System : Provide client with an automated system of reporting and managing technical support requests.
Remote Support System : Automatic remote access system for quick response technical support.
On-site Support Service : Automatic remote access system for quick response technical support.
Per hour
10 hours
Monthly Manual Evaluation : Manually review network devices. Review O/s error logs and patch any issues.
Monthly Health Report: Providing an automatic visual evaluation of devices performance and inventory verification.
Hourly and fixed Technical Support Labor Discounts: We appreciate our PAS clients/members and reward them with special pricing for projects outside of the scope of the PAS Plans.


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