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Ip Pbx Services for Small Business

Business Telephone Services for Small Business

Telecommunication Services for Small Businesses

Advanced telecommunications services for your small business.

Things to consider before requesting a quote. THE CLOUD PBX is the best choice for your company telecommunication needs.

  • Step 1

    Select Service Plans

  • Step 2

    Features required

  • Step 3

    Phones to Purchase or Rent

  • Step 4

    Fill out and submit quote form

The Cloud PBX

Get rid of your out dated telephone service & system. Learn why The CLOUD PBX is the BEST alternative.

Benefits of using The Cloud PBX

  • Able to get more concurrent calls for less
  • No need to purchase PBX system.
  • Companies with multiple locations can reduce cost of telephone line purchased
  • Companies with office abroad can save on international calls.
  • Call flow can be customize to fit your business.
  • Save on international calls.
  • Easy upgrade

& so much more

Initial Setup

Whether you are moving your business phone system or starting a new business getting into our Cloud PBX is simple, straightforward and fast. Setting up service can be performed quickly. You could either use your own IT professional to work with our support team or use our IT services for installation of telephones. Either way it's SINCH! Implementation can be performed smoothly for all your office locations and/or remote workers.

Our Sales representative help you determine how many users and how many IP phones your business will need. (BYOD) use your existing IP phones, buy from our selection of phones or use our rental plans all at affordable prices. Desk phones you order arrive in days, fully configured and ready to go. You also can connect your PCs and smartphones to the service with free mobile applications.

IP PBX Telephone Services NYC

If you have existing telephone numbers our Sales representative will help you transfer your existing phone numbers, or order new lines, choosing from local, out of state (for remote locations) and toll free, and vanity numbers suitable for your business.

No worries about programming your PBX features our systems come with a basic installation that may be suitable for your business. But, if that is not enough one of our support team members can assist in customizing a suitable setup for your business using our many features (review feature list for customization of services for your business.)

The Cloud PBX Flexible Rate Plans

Our flexible plans allow users to mix and match plans by individual extensions. The Cloud PBX enterprise features can be customized to fit the needs of your organization.

Bundle Plans

These plans have multiple extensions and virtual lines packaged for savings . If selecting a bundle, but still need additional extensions you may select bundle plan 2 or select individual plans as well.

2 Buy 2 Extension


per month

  • 2 Virtual Line
  • 2 Extension
  • Fax Number 1 Included
  • Unlimited Calling
  • Call Recording $2 per extension
  • Add $10 - without Term agreement
5 Buy 5 Extension


per month

  • 5 Virtual Line
  • 5 Extension
  • Fax Number 1 Included
  • Unlimited Calling
  • Call Recording $2 per extension
  • Add $10 - without Term agreement
10 Buy 10 Extension


per month

  • 10 Virtual Line
  • 10 Extension
  • Fax Number $7.99 ea.
  • Unlimited Calling
  • Call Recording
  • Add $10 - without Term agreement

Individual Extension Plans

You can select multiple individual plans or just select one and combine with the Bundle Plan(s).

1 Buy 1 Extension


per month

  • 1 Virtual Line
  • 1 Extension
  • Fax Number $7.99 ea.
  • USA Per minute 2.5 cents
  • Call Recording $2 per extension
  • Add $5 - without Term agreement


per month

  • 1 Virtual Line
  • 1 Extension
  • Fax Number Included
  • Unlimited Calling
  • Call Recording
  • Add $5 - without Term agreement

The Cloud PBX Service will provide your business with total reliability, amazing features at affordable prices for your small or medium size business

Order Now!

Add'l number or toll free

Any US number available & Toll free numbers will be charged 3.5 cents per minute.

$6.99 Per Month

Fax to email

Get a US local number for receiving unlimited faxes delivered to your email.

$7.99 Per Month


Get an international number from many different continents. These calls will be local to calls abroad

Starting @
 $19.99 Per Month


Request a vanity number for your business.

$30.00/one-time fee

International rates will be charged at the current rates published in our International Rates Table.

30-day free trial is only available to new subscribers. Minimum order of 2 extension is required. Phone rental and trial devices are available with term agreement and will require ACH information for security. Rentals and trial equipment must be returned within 21 days of cancellation notice to avoid equipment charges.

Cloud PBX Features

There are many features included with cloud PBX. Standard features include: Voicemail, Voicemail to email, IVR Auto Attendant, and parking. You can review all features and customize to suite your business. Some features provide a great corporate image.

  • Music On Hold

    Music On Hold is integrated with your system. Standard Edition comes with 2 audio tracks, Professional Edition comes with unlimited number of audio tracks, giving you the ability to play different audio tracks for calls coming into different departments or queues. Use MOH creatively to highlight promotions for new customers, up sell current customers, or calm angry customers calling your customer service team.

  • Voicemail: 600hrs

    Your Phone System comes with over 600 hours of voicemail storage, and 3 easy ways to retrieve messages:

    One-touch from your office phone.

    Dial in remotely from any phone.

    Attached to your email as .wav files.

  • Auto-Attendant (Interactive Voice Response)

    The most powerful feature its the Auto-Attendant. This feature lets callers "Press 1 for Customer Services" or "Press 2 for Sales." , we can also forward calls off-site, and more.

  • Do not disturb

    Do not disturb give you the ability to set you extension to go straight to the Voicemail, in case you have to finish and important report and need peace and quiet.

  • Forward

    call forwarding to an internal extension or external number.

  • Conference

    You can conference unlimited number of internal participants and as many external participants as you have phone lines.

  • Intercomm

    Intercomm or Page all you extensions with simple press a bottom

  • Hold

    Your Phone System comes with the hold function on all the phones

  • Unlimited Extensions

    Each extension can be customized differently with dozens of options such as:

    Personal inbound number (DID)

    Outbound CallerID

    Privacy settings

    Spell-by-name directory

    Voicemail settings

    Much more!

  • Name Directory

    Your system comes preconfigured with a professional "spell-by-last-name" directory. Callers are simply prompted to "spell the first three letters of the party's first or last name" and then automatically connected to the requested extension. Don't want to be in the Name Directory? No problem. We can easily exclude specific extensions.

  • Voicemail-to-Email

    Receive your voicemails as emails! Your system comes preconfigured to send each employee an email notifying them of new voicemail messages. Or, users can customize their extension to attach the actual voicemail (as a .wav) to the email. No POP3, SMTP, IMAP, or Exchange configuration required!

  • Time Condition

    Time conditions help you to tell your customer when your office is Closed or Open you can also have the option to leave a message if it is an emergency or an important call.

  • Ring-All (Blast Group)

    Your system comes with a free Blast Group. A Blast Group takes one inbound call and rings all phones. The first to pick up gets the call. Of course you get to choose which phones go into the Blast Group, and which get to enjoy peace and quiet!

  • Parking

    Your system allows unlimited simultaneous parked calls, and when used with HUD (purchased separately), call parking is taken to the next level. HUD gives employees the ability to view calls that are currently parked, tag parked calls with reminder notes, and drag calls between their extension, their on-hold area, and the parking area, also set up timing for the park calls in case you forget to pick it

  • Branch Office Support

    Purchase a low cost server for each office, and link your servers to take advantage of the following features:

    Free office-to-office calling via VoIP.

    Call forwarding to any extension in your linked phone system server network.

  • HUD® (purchased separately)

    When your system is used with HUD (purchased separately), your entire company has real-time call control. HUD tells you who is on the phone and to whom they are talking. HUD lets you drag-and-drop new or existing calls to someone's extension, their voicemail, your own "on-hold area," or the company-wide "parking area." HUD also has an easy-to-use group permissions system, so you can decide what "rights" to give to an extension. This means the CEO can steal the Janitor's call, but not vice versa!

  • Music-on-Hold (Professional)

    Music On Hold (MOH) is integrated with your system. Standard Edition comes with 2 audio tracks, Professional Edition comes with unlimited number of audio tracks, (we will include up to 6 audio tracks) giving you the ability to play different audio tracks for calls coming into different departments or queues. Use MOH creatively to highlight promotions for new customers, up sell current customers, or calm angry customers calling your customer service team.

  • Zone Intercomm

    Setup your Intercomm or Page for specific zones on your company and/or branch offices.

  • Call Queues

    Setup Queues to manage your customer service better!!!. Each queue comes with a variety of options:

    Personalized audio announcements give your queue that professional sound.

    "Hold Time" announcement frequency customization.

    User/agent priorities for more effective call routing.

    Hold time limits so callers do not remain in your queue for extended periods of time.

    Caller limits for keeping queue call volume to a manageable level.

    Length of time after fielding a call before the same agent is called again.

    And much more!

  • Call Monitor_Barge

    When your system is used with HUD (purchased separately,) gives you or your supervisors the ability to actively barge or passively monitor any inbound or outbound call. HUD also comes with an extensive permission system — so you can grant a specific group the ability to barge/monitor another specific group. No barging on the CEO!.

  • PIN Set

    PIN Sets are used to manage lists of PINs that can be used to access restricted features such as Outbound Routes.

  • Voicemail Blasting

    Want to send a voice message to multiple people? Use our Voicemail Blasting feature to easily build groups of people. Then just dial the number of your group and leave a message. Seconds later everyone in the group gets a new voicemail!

Some feature add-ons may require a additional fee. Contact a sales representative for your particular customization and may incurr additional fees.

Standard PBX Setup ..

What you will get with your initial PBX Setup ...

Onux Technologies provides you with a standard PBX configuration, which includes the following services;

Voicemail: of upto 600 hrs of storage space.

Auto-attendant (Interactive Voice Response): Can organize your calls by department. Allows customers the ability to be routed to the department of their choice. This provides a great company image.

Music on Hold: Allowing you the ability to place callers on hold and callers will hear standard preset music.

Parking Calls: Placing callers in a call que to be answered by different employees. Can be used to transfer calls between extensions.

There are many additional features available with our cloud based PBX that you may use to customize your call flow, providing a more pleasant calling experience for your clients and also providing your organization maximum efficiency and productivity.

You may view all the features within the Feature of Cloud PBX Tab. All additional PBX feature may be added by our representatives. Each additional feature is only a $25.00 one time setup cost per feature.

IP PBX Telephone Services Long Island


Onux Technologies makes it easy and inexpensive to move you over to our cloud. Rent a phone is the easy way to setup your Cloud PBX and start changing the corporate image of your company. With rent-a-phone a small monthly rental fee and a one time activation fee will start you getting the phone features your company deserves.

Rentals starting as low as $2.99 per month

Rental telephone phones will be pre-configured with your account information for quick and easy setup. There is a one-time setup fee per rental phone of $25.00. Rental phones include most 1 key press for popular features such as voicemail and call parking. Popular rental phone features: 6 lines, 320x160 backlit graphical LCD, 4 XML programmable context-sensitive soft keys, 7 XML programmable BLF extension keys, dual network ports with integrated PoE, and conference. Supports automated provisioning, advanced security protection for privacy.

Cloud PBX Services NYC

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

If you already have existing IP Phones that were with another provider and don't wish to make the same investment, well your in luck. Onux Technologies cloud and IP-PBX services work with most IP Phones manufacturers. We can program all your phones on our systems for a $25.00 programming and activation fee. Depending on your phones most features will be available with your phones. Below are the manufactures that work best with our PBX services.

Cloud PBX Services Long Island

Grandstream Phones

Grandstream Networks is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative, affordable, and high quality IP voice and video products for the worldwide broadband telephony market. Our products are fully compatible with the SIP industry standard, field proven with large and rapidly growing deployed base, and have broad interoperability with the majority of 3rd party SIP products on the market today.

IP PBX Systems Installations NYC

IP PBX Systems Installations Long Island

ProActive Support


Because, it isn't smart to wait for things to break, but it is wise to prevent them.

Proactive IT Services Long Island

  • Network Monitoring
  • Antivirus Protection
  • Internet Security
  • Website Filtering
  • Multi-level Backups
  • Unlimited Technical Support

Technical Support

The IT industry has a broad range of services. That is why at Onux Technologies our technicians are experts in a specific service, ranging from basic networking, voice over the internet, MS exchange server & many more. Let us be your technical support team.

Proactive IT Services Long Island


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